In The Waiting

In the waiting...Things seemed so bleak,Hope seemed so far,Darkness showed its face. In the waiting...The process took forever,Each challenge proved impossible,Every test I sought for an answer. In the waiting...I chose to listen,I chose to learn,I chose to persevere. In the waiting...Rest in Him I found,Joy overwhelmed me,Victory raised me high. Written by: Idara Edidiong

Grateful For…

I found myself worrying about how this will work out or that will turn out… Frankly when my thoughts are loud, I don't end up with a proper plan or strategy on how to move forward. So I decided to grab my journal to write, just anything……. I ended up with the title "Grateful For…" …

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The Meaning of Holiness


I Doubt it!


I graduated from a Christian High School. I remember a song that we would sing in chapels.

Is what I long for
Is what I need
Is what you want
From me

I would hear the word “holiness” often. If you asked the high school version of me what it meant, I would probably tell you that it meant “perfect”. The word “holiness” conjured up the pressure to do or not do certain things when it came to lifestyle choices and behaviors.

If you ask someone today what “holiness” means, the majority of people would probably respond with “not drinking, cussing, or ______ (insert behavior here)”. As I talk and engage with people about the Christian life, I believe that there are many misconceptions about what holiness means.

If we look at scripture, we see that God commanded this of His people. Leviticus 11:44-45, Leviticus…

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The Godly Chic Diaries

Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us ~ Pablo Neruda

Know this: Some people will not hear you regardless how much, how loud, how truthful, how loving or how profound you speak…

It’s true, there will be those who cannot love you. In fact they cannot tolerate you. Your very existence bothers them. It could be the way in which you speak, the things you love, the opportunity you seized or the faith you practice. It could be the fire and passion inside of you that drives them crazy. It could be the way you smile, the things you talk about, the friends who love you. Gosh, it could even be your dreams.

Or maybe it’s them…Maybe they cannot love you because you somehow make them less than. They feel threatened or intimidated by you. The possible reasons are endless and no matter how much love you…

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What Does Holy Ground Feel Like?


The Good News Family

The question struck me as I sojourned through Exodus at a Come Before Winter Renewal last month. Moses went barefoot at the burning bush.

What does holy ground feel like?  

Was it rough gravel or fine sand?  Were there rocks poking Moses’s instep? Cockleburs he had to pick off of his robe afterwards? Did sharp sticks leave any splinters? Was it sunburn hot or dessert night cold?

It wasn’t the quality of the ground that made it holy. It was the presence of the Living God in that moment.

elliott-engelmann-53566-unsplash fi.jpgI realize this applies to me, too. I stand on holy ground in the place of calling to ministry.

There are rocks: my pride. Have I mentioned that I like being able to do things well? I was fully functional back in the states. Here on the field after 5 years, I still struggle to do life at times

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